Leadership Camp

March 8 through March 11 I got to go to Leadership Camp. I had such an amazing time this year just like last year. I did not end up going horse back riding or paint-balling. It rained on us pretty much the whole time and I didn’t want to do those things and get all muddy.

Even though it rained the whole time it was still a lot of fun. I got to play mini golf which I found entertaining once I learned how to get the ball in the hole. I also got to play on the big pillow which is this giant thing on the ground outside that we got to jump on. It was made out of the same material bounce houses are made out of and we got to play on that in the rain, which was awesome. I also had the chance to play volleyball indoors and play on a bounce house obstacle course, which was exciting because my friends and I raced several times.

One thing that was cool was that every morning we had to clean our cabins and set them up the way Chief Marshall said they had to look. He is in command of all Junior Cadet Corps for FWISD. Each cabin had to be spotless and then we all lined up by our beds and he came in to inspect. The first morning my cabin, the Benbrook girls and G.P. Elder girls, did okay with only a few things that we needed to fix. The next morning Chief inspected when we were all at breakfast. He didn’t tell us who’s cabin was the best until that night at the talent show. Well, out of all the girl cabins Benbrook and Elders cabin was the cleanest one!

The dances were a blast with all of my friends, it was also hilarious to see all the instructors dancing really badly. The night that was the best for me was the last night when we had the talent show and karaoke. There was some pretty funny stuff at the talent show. Some boys from our school even put together a skit and preformed it, but I will say it was not the best. The best was these 6th and 7th graders who put together a comedy ventriloquism act. They had every cadet laughing. I had such a great time at leadership camp and I’m going to miss it a lot.

Leadership Camp in 2 days!!!

I will be attending Leadership Camp at Sky Ranch again for the second year. I will be leaving for camp in 2 days!! I’m so excited because I had such an amazing time last year. I’m really excited to do paintball and go horseback riding. I also can’t wait to rock climb and go on the zip line. Leadership Camp lasts from Thursday through Sunday.

Then it’s spring break and I’m out for a week! I’m going to have so much fun. I’m a little sad though that I’m not going to get to see all my friends until after spring break is over, because Thursday morning I leave so I miss school that day and Friday which is the last day of school. I’m a little sad because this is the last year that I will be in Junior Cadet Corps, although next year I will be in JROTC!